Aris is a vampire and main protaginist in The Life of the Vampire series.He is an Elder by vampire age status meaning he is over a 1000 years old.He is the youngest brother to Kayrel and Vietro and husband to Jessica Reeves.

Early LifeEdit

Aris was born on December23,78 a.d. in Hungary.He was a slave to a Hungarian Count known as Jarvis de la Fang who was later identified as a vampire.Aris never knew his parents more than likely Jarvis killed them when he was born.He was surrounded by eighty-seven slaves in his younger years but as time went on the numbers died down to three(Kayrel,Vietro,and him).One night the angry village where there masters estate sat over,formed a mob in the hopes of killing Jarvis because of him killing villagers at night.Aris stated that there were over a hundred villagers and he and his brothers slaughtered them all using there weaponry knowledge aqquired from Jarvis.Later that night Jarvis confessed that the only reason he left Aris,Kayrel,and Vietro live pass the other slaves was because he knew that they would be special he then transformed them into vampires,the year was 98 a.d.After that they lived with Jarvis for approximatley fifty years before Jarvis killed himself Aris was the most upset over this,before he died Jarvis reaveled the where abouts of his maker Zenith and told them to find him and complete there vampire training.Soon after the three decided to seperate to find what it truly means to be immortal and that they would reunite in a hundred years.Aris then found Zenith in Northern Greece and stayed with him for those years.After they regrouped Aris took his brothers to Zenith but he was no where to be found.In the year 300 a.d. they found and joined The Grigori,an ancient clan of vampires who act as enforcers of vampire law throughtout the vampire world,but after their leader Arcam killed Aris' mate and the fact that The Grigori were cruel to the vampires Aris and his brothers organized a revolt against them and ended with Aris in victory this made them the most well known and popular vampires in the world.


Aris is an Elder by vampire age status meaning he is over 1000 years old which makes him alot stronger than younger vampires.Aris is an Evasive this means he is a vampire that completely relys on his speed and is nearly impossible to catch.He also has the normal vampiric gifts strength,hightened senses,and immortality.


Aris is described as very calm and collective keeping his cool in the worst of situations.He also has a very strong belief in human life something he did not have in his younger years as a vampire which is why he and his brothers regarded from human blood and began drinking animal blood.Aris is also known to be very loyal to his family and closet of friends.

Position in the vampire world

After they defeated The Grigori they became very well known throughout the vampire nations.Aris then created the idea of older vampires becoming king or queen of a country or state and with this change vampire goverment evolved.They soon took up the title of National Royal Vampire Ambassadors promoting peace between rival kingdoms due to constant wars from the earl b.c. era to the later a.d era.


Aris is described as tall about 6"2,brown skin,long jet black hair that he normally keeps in a ponytail.He has light gray eyes with cat like pupils(because he is an elder) and razor sharp nails.He absolutley adores modern day fashion.


Ambriel-She was Aris' first mate and love but had to keep their romance a secret because she was a prisoner to the Grigori and it would be treason if their love was realized.Unfortunatley,they were discovered and Ambriel was then put to death by sunlight.This feuled his rage and motivation to end the Grigori.

Jessica-She is Aris' current wife and true love.Aris has said that he loves her more than the waking world.In the first and second book she is human but is turned at the end of the second book.Aris has demonstrated a large amount of devotion to her by putting his life at stake and even promotes himself to be a sacrifice in order to save her life.Their relationship is described as the love of a millenia

Latest activityEdit

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